Specialized in
Kitchen Cabinets
& Wardrobe Design.

We have been doing kitchen cabinets & built-in wardrobes for about ten(10) years. We are not only designing it; We build it too, as we are the manufacturer.

JT DesiGn®

Make Kitchen Cabinets Durable

We provide ideas to make your kitchen unique and trendy. We also provide solutions that make your kitchen user-friendly & durable.

Door Style

There are 4 different types of door styles to choose from—no colour limitation.

Cabinet Carcass

MFC carcass is a default option. For the sink side, we suggest you upgrade to a better carcass.

Kitchen Worktop

The kitchen worktop is an important part of the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, we must choose it wisely.

kitchen cabinet design and manufacturer
Since 2012

The Manufacturer

Custom-made of Kitchen Cabinets, Built-in Wardrobe

Kitchen Cabinet Specialist

We are the cabinet manufacturer in Malaysia. Specialized in kitchen cabinets & wardrobe design. We make beautiful built-in furniture.

About Us

We Design It & Build It

We provide design services to help our customers build modern yet practical kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes and other types of cabinets. In addition, we set up a factory of our own to produce and deliver quality products to our beloved customers.

kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen Cabinets

When designing our kitchens, we have to choose what kind of kitchen cabinets we want. We have many choices, like melamine abs, laminate plywood, 3g/4g glass door and acrylic door.

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Wardrobe Design

A wardrobe is an important part of every house. It keeps things organized. You can put all of your clothes there and find them easily.

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