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Modern Wardrobe Design at Agile Mont Kiara

Agile Montkiara - Wardrobe & tv cabinet

Wardrobe design for the customer who owns a unit in Agile Residence. Or Agile Mont Kiara. This condominium’s location is in the area of Mont Kiara. It’s near Solaris Mont Kiara and Publika (the walking distance around 5-10 minutes).

Each unit comes with 1 set of sliding door wardrobes for the master bedroom and a complete set of kitchen cabinets for the dry kitchen and the wet kitchen in this condominium.

The Wardrobe Design for the bedrooms

In this project, we were involved in swing door wardrobes for three bedrooms, tv cabinet design for the living hall, shoe cabinet at the foyer, bathroom cabinets for two bathrooms, and a simple tv console cabinet + study table for three bedrooms.

Agile Master Bedroom

The Wardrobe Design

Agile Mont Kiara - Swing Door Wardrobe 1

Initially, there was a sliding door wardrobe provided by the developer. Still, the homeowners do not like the wardrobe’s design and decided to demolish the old one and replace it with a new swing door wardrobe.

This customer told us that she wants a simple wardrobe but looking nice. But, she doesn’t want to have so many handles on the cupboard. Most importantly, she wants to have a space for decoration displaying. Therefore, we proposed this wardrobe design to her, and she accepted it happily.

Each wardrobe comes with a lock on the drawer’s first unit to keep their valuable or private items.

The Study Table and TV Cabinet

Study Table TV Cabinet - Agile Mont Kiara 1

The homeowners want to have a study table and a simple tv cabinet in their rooms. So, they have a place to do their work at home. Most of the people have started to work from home basis dues to the Covid19. Recently, the number of cases is getting crazy. The MCO 2.0 might come.

The Wardrobe for the next bedroom

Agile Mont Kiara - Swing Door Wardrobe Design 2

This wardrobe design is almost the same as the previous wardrobe but slightly different from the closet in the master bedroom. The drawer units are the hidden type, which is covered by the door. The wardrobe drawers have implemented the under-mount soft-closing runner mechanism that makes the drawers close softly and quietly.

Study Table TV Cabinet - Agile Mont Kiara 1

The homeowners want to have a study table and tv cabinet in this room too. The study table design is the same as the wardrobe design in the master bedroom.

Agile Small Room

Agile Mont Kiara - Swing Door Wardrobe Design 2

The wardrobe is the wardrobe in the small room. It’s the same wardrobe design as the wardrobe in the medium room in Agile. In this room, unable to have the study table like the other two rooms dues to limited space.

The Cupboard in Living Hall

Agile Mont Kiara - Modern TV Cabinet Design

We have finished sharing the ideas of the wardrobe design for Agile’s Unit. Now, let’s talk about the cabinet in the living hall.

Modern TV Cabinet Design

When discussing this tv cabinet design with the customer, they told us the concept they want. They even googled it and showed us the designs they desired. This design came after figuring out how to design a tv cabinet with a modern design that meets its requirement.

Agile Mont Kiara - Modern TV Cabinet Design 1

The most important part of this tv cabinet design is this open shelf unit. It’s what the customer told us during the discussion.

The customer has never requested to have this light effect. We decided to make it with having the light effect using LED light stripes.

The Materials in Used same as Wardrobe

The entire tv cabinet made using melamine abs. But, the door with wooden stripes designing with laminated plywood. Only this material can deliver an excellent finishing to this cabinet.

Agile Mont Kiara - Modern TV Cabinet Design 2

The Entrance(Foyer)

Shoe Cabinet

shoe cabinet at agile mont kiara

As this is the foyer/entrance, you need to have something presentable to attract yourself and your guests. And this is where the best part to have the shoe cabinet. We designed this modern shoe cabinet modernly and useful. This shoe cabinet can store up to 48 pairs of shoes. Wow! I believed that this must be an ideal shoe cabinet for those who love to have a bundle of shoes in their life.

Alright! That’s all for this article. Please stay tuned for our next article. Thank you for reading!

Suppose you also have a unit in Agile Mont Kiara and want your wardrobe designed by us, want to redo your kitchen cabinet or add any cabinets to fit your storage. In that case, you are welcome to contact us at 019 – 431 3351, or you can use the live-chat widget to chat with us about your inquiries. We will be happy to serve you. We specialized in the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe design.

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