Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobe is one of the essential items in a bedroom. Choose the closet series that suits your lifestyle.

Designer Series

Swing Door

The swing door wardrobe is not an old-school closet series. It can be designed modernly like a featured wall in your bedroom while storing your clothes and other kinds of stuff.

Space-Saving Series

Sliding Door

The sliding door wardrobe is a series that helps space-saving as it’s good for limited space. It’s actually an option for better utilization of your space.

Trendy Series

Full Height
Sliding Wardrobe

Want to have a sliding door wardrobe but not take the basic sliding wardrobe series with the swing doors on top? This series can achieve a full piece sliding door from top to bottom.

Walk-in Series

Open Concept

Ever dreamed of having a big closet area in your bedroom? Open concept closet design can achieve the ideal dressing area in their bedroom.